Shatnam-Stotra-Sangrah (शतनामस्तोत्रसंग्रह)


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Shatnam-Stotra-Sangrah (शतनामस्तोत्रसंग्रह) – Code 1850 – Gita Press

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इस पुस्तक में विभिन्न देवी-देवताओं के शतनाम (एक सौ नाम) स्तोत्रों का संग्रह किया गया है।

Satnam Stotra Sangrah by Gita Press. This book binding is Paperback. Book Publishing year is 2011. Book Publisher is Gita Press – Gorakhpur. 1st Edition Book. Number of Pages in this book is 224. The book is written in Hindi Language. This is a Religious Book. In this book, the names of various gods and goddesses (one hundred names) have been collected.


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