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METAL Trophy for Awards and Ceremonies – Awards and Trophy for Winners ; Trophy for Champions in Sports

 25” 22”

  • Finest Craftsmanship : ArtRight’ Mercurial Trophy for  winner is curated by some of the most talented craftsmen across the globe. This gold winner prize trophy is made of metallic fiber and has a gold plating.
  • Size and Dimensions : This Goldwinner trophy cup has a height of 25” 22”
  • Exquisite Finishing : All our trophies and awards are designed and developed by European designers. There is a lot of research that goes into the production and design quality of these award and customized trophy.
  • High Status Item for Display Purposes : These multi purpose trophy for winners are made of high quality metallic fiber and comes in a fancy gold plating layer which enhances the feel not just of the person who has it but of that space as a whole.
  • Can be used for multiple occasions : This award Trophy can be used for multiple events, mostly as a football winner’s trophy, also as prizes for students, for office and other events among other things.


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